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Easiest Health and Beauty Tip Ever!

One of the simplest habits you can implement that pays off big health and beauty dividends is flossing your teeth. There's not much less attractive than having old food stuck between your pearly whites, and if you find that people are standing 10 ft away from you on a regular basis, well, it could be your breath....just sayin'.

My daughters showing off their pearly whites

Besides helping you look and smell better, regular flossing could also save you some big bucks at the dentist (and who doesn't want to hang on to their hard-earned money??). A review of six trials found that when professionals flossed the teeth of children on school days for almost two years, they saw a 40 percent reduction in the risk of cavities. Less cavities means less fillings, which means more money stays in your pocket!

Other more serious health issues are also connected to not flossing, like periodontal disease. In addition, researchers have also found that people with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to have heart disease. According to Dentistry IQ, oral bacteria have been found in the fatty deposits of people with atherosclerosis, and these deposits can narrow arteries or break loose and clog them entirely, leading to heart attack or stroke. Severe gum disease is also a significant risk factor for mouth cancers.

In addition to flossing your teeth, you need to brush them regularly, too. If you've seen the controversy over fluoride, and you're not a fan of commercial toothpastes, there are some other options out there. One is brushing with baking soda instead of toothpaste; it's a great whitener and cleaner, although it doesn't taste very good. Another great option is a fluoride-free toothpaste, like the one by doTERRA, which helps reduce plaque while whitening teeth. It contains the protective benefits of doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend (Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary), plus the essential oil Myrrh, which helps with cleansing, and the breath-freshening power of Peppermint essential oil.**

If you spend just four minutes twice a day on your dental health, two minutes brushing and two minutes flossing, you will reap huge benefits. You will look better, smell better, your overall health will be better, and you will save money! What could be better than all that? Small new habits equal big awesome changes!

Are you following along with my 52 Simple Changes That Will Transform Your Life? #17 on the list is "Floss your teeth". Write this down and hang it up on your mirror to remind yourself to floss daily. You can get the whole list by clicking here. If you implement all 52 simple changes this year and make them habits, by the end of this year you will have significantly improved your diet, your fitness, your mental, emotional, and spiritual health, your house will be cleaner and more orderly, and you will make some serious strides in your financial situation as well. Who doesn't want all that? Get the list, and make those changes! Small changes add up to big wins!

**If you would like to learn more about essential oils and how to get high quality doTERRA essential oils for 25% off, plus continuing education and a welcome package, email me for details, or click here to check out my oils site!

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