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Lynne Cimorelli
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Large Families

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My Story


Married for 30 years, I am the mother of 11 children, each with no shortage of personality. My six daughters make up the band, "Cimorelli", which I managed for the last 10 years. Their YouTube channels Cimorelli and Cimorelli VEVO have over 1 billion views, and together we have traveled much of the world as they bring their music and inspiration to fans on every continent.


No matter where we travel, I get asked by both parents and teens a lot of the same questions: "How do you do handle such a large family?" "How do you raise good kids?" "How do you homeschool?" "How did they learn to sing like that?" "How did you figure out how to manage your daughters' band and set up international tours?" and many more. It has become a passion of mine to share what I've learned with others, especially the things that I wish someone would have shared with me in my early days of married life, parenting, homeschooling, navigating the music industry, and helping my kids to find their talents and fulfill their potential. I don't claim to have all the answers, but I have an awful lot of great stories to tell!

My husband Mike and I are just ordinary people, but we have crafted for ourselves a rather extraordinary life filled with meaning and adventure. We have lived in Sacramento and El Dorado Hills in Northern California, Malibu in Southern California, and we recently moved just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. My hope is that by sharing our story and what we've learned along the way, you will find inspiration to help you strengthen yourself, your family and create your own extraordinary life!

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